Biden Must Be Asking ‘Where’s the Love in Ohio?’

Apparently, President Joe Biden is looking for love in all the wrong places. He made a trip to Ohio this week so he can boast about all of his administration’s accomplishments. You know, all the good stuff in the economy and his foreign policy prowess…
Unfortunately, the top Democrats in the state won’t be there to greet him.
U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio’s 13th Congressional District who is running for the U.S. Senate against Republican nominee J.D. Vance can’t be there. And Nan Whaley, the Democrat candidate for Ohio governor challenging incumbent GOP Governor Mike DeWine won’t be on the welcome wagon either. Both of these politicians running for office seem to have “unavoidable scheduling conflicts.”
Hmmm…could it be that they don’t want to be on a platform when Biden has to address a 40-year high inflation record, an energy crisis, and tensions globally without a significant American response?
When faced with standing with a very unpopular president in the Buckeye State, these candidates seem very willing to pass the buck.
Any other time, if the highest-ranking member of your party is coming to your state…wait, if the leader of the entire free world is coming to your state, you would want pictures with him as he tells people how great you are. But this is the Biden presidency…things are different. He only has a 26% approval rating in Ohio, according to a presidential poll tracker. That is even less than his 30% national approval rating according to the same tracker.
J.D. Vance, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s opponent, released this statement tying Ryan to Biden and focusing on his absence at Biden’s visit, “Ryan has worked in lockstep with Biden to destroy our economy and Ohio’s middle class is suffering today because of it. But now, for the second time in two months, Ryan is refusing to be seen in public with his own party’s president.”