Biden’s Killing More Jobs: Wants Corp Tax Higher Than China’s & Let’s Ban Expire That Will Cause Massive Layoffs

Biden’s policy is clearly putting America last and is going to cause a massive amount of unemployment.

Biden is traveled to Pittsburgh to pitch his 2.25 trillion dollar package that if passed would increase the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, surpassing China’s rate of 25%.

During his time in office President Trump lowered the tax from 35% to 21% and the economy surged.

Top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Kevin Brady scolded Biden for raising taxes during an economic crisis. “No president has ever raised business taxes to recover from an economic crisis. This couldn’t come at a worse time,” he said.

Ann Wagner (R-MO) agreed. “Why, as this country begins to reopen and recover economically, would the Biden administration be proposing tax policy which would, in the end, hurt the American family and millions of struggling small businesses?”

On top of that Biden is bowing to big tech allowing a pandemic related Trump ban to expire that will cause massive layoffs.

Biden is expected to allow the H-1Bs guest worker visa ban to expire which will allow tech companies replace American workers with foreigners. India has lobbied Biden since taking office to terminate the ban.

The moratorium imposed by Trump affected companies that hire foreign coders and engineers forcing them to hire Americans because of the record unemployment caused by COVID lockdowns.

Firms like Facebook and Google use the H-1B program to keep operating costs down instead of hiring Americans.

Between the job killing policies of Joe Biden and the record spending Democrat’s are planing America’s economy may be on its way for some rough times.

Bloomberg | Breitbart News