Watch: Biden Tells A Lie So Big That A News Organization Deleted Their Report So Fact Checkers Can’t Contradict Him

During Biden’s first press conference he told a lie so big it forced Axios to delete their report on twitter so fact checkers couldn’t check him.

Biden claimed, “We’re sending back the vast majority of families that are coming.”

If you click on the link to Axios in the tweet above you’ll find it no longer exists, that’s because they deleted it during the press conference.

So far the story still exists on their webpage and incase they delete that as well we are going to post the screenshots.

From the Axios report:

The Biden administration kept a Trump-era policy known as “Title 42” as a tool to quickly turn back adults and families who illegally cross the southern border— but new Department of Homeland Security data leaked to Axios shows in recent days it’s hardly been used for families.

The data shows an average of just 13% of nearly 13,000 family members attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border were returned to Mexico between March 14 and March 21 using the public health order, which essentially says the U.S. can close the border to nonessential travel because of the coronavirus.

The report was published two days before Biden’s press conference and it shows that 87% of migrants that are apprehended will be released into the USA. Data leaked to Axios counters everything Biden said during his press conference.

Just in case Axios decides to delete the report from their website you can read it here thanks to the internet archives.

Biden also had a moment when he was talking about the filibuster…

At one point he realized he blew it…

Lastly, it appears the pandemic is over, even the very liberal Maggie Haberman from the New York Times was shocked there wasn’t one question about the pandemic.