Biden Gets Ripped After Press Conference Over Caving On Another Campaign Promise & His Vaccination Debacle

The mainstream media continues to try and cover for Biden but he’s not fooling anyone.

Biden was ripped after his press conference on Monday for breaking a major campaign promise and continuing debacle over the coronavirus vaccine.

Throughout the campaign Biden promised that he would get schools the money they need to open safely and quickly. Biden claimed to believe that nothing is more important than getting kids back to in person learning. During the campaign suburban liberals moms praised Biden claiming it was Trump’s fault schools weren’t open.

Well, you can kiss in person school goodbye ladies because Biden just caved to Teacher Unions.

Biden’s quest to re-open schools lasted a week, during a press conference he endorsed the Chicago Teachers Union’s demands who said they would strike if schools didn’t install state of the art ventilation systems.

The New York Post went after Biden as well over his administrations failure to report the US coronavirus vaccination supply after the State of New York ran out of doses.

A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki what how much of the vaccine the United States has in reserve.

She didn’t have an answer and tried to blame on the Trump Administration.

“We’ve been here for five days to evaluate the supply so that we can release the maximum amount while also ensuring that everyone can get the second dose on the FDA-recommended schedule. So the confusion around this issue, which we acknowledge there is some confusion, speaks to a larger problem, which is what we’re inheriting from the prior administration, which is much worse than we could have imagined,” Psaki said.

The New York Post reported that the new head of the CDC has no idea how many doses the United States has of the coronavirus vaccine.

Under the Trump administration doses of the vaccine were meeting their goals however, in Biden’s America the State of New York ran out of doses and when pressed Psaki had no answers.

“It’s not just about having supply, which is pivotal, of course, it’s also about having more people who can physically put the shots into the arms of Americans, and it’s about ensuring we have places that that can be done,” Psaki said. “I don’t have anything for you on the prioritization.”

From the New York Post:

The Biden administration has set the target of distributing 100 million shots in its first 100 days in office, or 1 million jabs per day.

But that target was reached by former President Donald Trump in his final days in office, according to a Bloomberg News tracker that shows that 1.3 million shots were given on Jan. 11 and 1.1 million on both Jan. 14 and 16.

In defense, Psaki claimed that 100 million shots is a “bold goal” despite the fact the Trump administration was already exceeding that.

“We obviously have set out our bold goal of 100 million shots in the arms of Americans in the first 100 days. We will build from there and we are looking forward to building from there but I don’t have a broad assessment for you,” she said.

They are clueless.

New York Post