Biden Responds To Viral Elmo Post

President Joe Biden was met with widespread ridicule and scorn on social media when he engaged in a cringe-worthy conversation about emotional well-being with the “Sesame Street” character Elmo. In the midst of a tense geopolitical situation where three American soldiers were killed in an attack by Iranian proxies, the president’s choice of topic drew sharp criticism.

Biden’s interaction with Elmo began innocently enough, with the muppet asking how everyone was doing. However, the president’s response was filled with groan-worthy references to the beloved children’s show, reminding followers to check in with their friends.

While the message of promoting mental health and reaching out to others is an important one, many questioned the timing of Biden’s tweet. Three American service members had just lost their lives in a brutal attack, and the president seemed more concerned with garnering positive reactions from a muppet.

“I know how hard it is some days to sweep the clouds away and get to sunnier days,” he said. “Our friend Elmo is right: We have to be there for each other, offer our help to a neighbor in need, and above all else, ask for help when we need it. Even though it’s hard, you’re never alone.”

One Twitter user pointed out the glaring lack of action taken against Iran, the country responsible for the deaths of the American soldiers. Instead, Biden was focusing on a fuzzy puppet, completely ignoring the deadly threat posed by a hostile foreign power.

Another user summed up the absurdity of the situation, saying, “Bro we lost three service members in a terrorist attack and the president is tweeting about Sesame Street.” It’s a sad state of affairs when the leader of the free world is more concerned with pandering to a children’s show than addressing serious issues facing the country.

Conservative commentator Stephen Miller didn’t hold back, calling out Biden for his misplaced priorities. “Country wrapped in another foreign broader conflict with Iran, who backed proxies murdering US troops. Current President – ‘What the puppet said,'” Miller quipped.

Media personality Joe Concha couldn’t believe he was living in reality when he saw Biden’s tweet. “Not a parody account. Really,” Concha remarked, highlighting the absurdity of the situation. It’s hard to believe that this is the person in charge of making crucial decisions for the country.

In a final dig, The Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan sarcastically noted that Biden’s tweet was worse than anything former President Donald Trump ever posted. With the constant attacks against Trump’s Twitter usage, it’s telling that even his supporters can see the clear difference between the two presidents’ priorities.

In times of crisis and turmoil, Americans look to their leader for strength and guidance. Unfortunately, Biden has shown time and again that his priorities lie elsewhere. While mental health is an important issue, it falls short in comparison to the immediate threat posed by foreign adversaries. It’s time for the president to focus less on puppet conversations and more on protecting and serving the American people.