Biden Said ‘Buy American’ But This Is What The Biden Admin Handed Out As Another US Mask Manufacturer Goes Under (VIDEO)

While in office President Trump empowered American companies and startups to help the country during the pandemic. In the beginning of the pandemic protective personal equipment (PPE) was hard to find because China bought it all up or confiscated all the equipment made domestically.

That prompted the Trump Administration to incentivize a new supply chain and empower hospitals to buy American.

During his speech Biden received an applause for saying we should “buy American.”

Tech CEO Lloyd Armbrust of Armbrust America reported that another US mask manufacturer has shut down that was 100% veteran operated. Armbrust also reposted an image from US Rep. Patrick McHenry from the 10th district of North Carolina showing the mask he was issued despite proving he was vaccinated, it was made in China.

This is Biden’s America, US manufacturer’s are shutting down but the administration is purchasing KN-95 masks from China.

The Biden administration is making the same mistake Obama did by relying on the Chinese for our supply chain instead of US workers.

Even strong Rhino Republicans are losing their luster with Biden especially when it comes to China. Utah Senator Mitt Romney said Biden’s speech was “disjointed.”

“He indicated China represents an extraordinary threat to the world, and we’re going to apparently deal with that by providing for free pre K,” Romney told the press.

Romney elaborated that he doesn’t feel biden has a “comprehensive strategy” to back up his China warnings.