Cover Up: Biden Senior Adviser Deletes Tweets As Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden Surface

Tara Reade has been trying to get her voice out that she was sexually assaulted by former Vice President Joe Biden when she was a young staffer.

Reade appeared on “Rising With Krystal and Saagar” on Hill TV and recalled the event.

“I was walking to the Capitol and to the Russell Building to go down the stairs,” she said. “It was somewhere in either the Russell or the Capitol. I’m not sure, all told. But we were in a semi-private place; it wasn’t completely private. He was, at first, talking to someone, they went away, and then he said ‘Come here,’ and then when I gave him the gym bag, it happened all in one motion almost.”

“And he had me against the wall,” Reade continued. “And then his hands were down my skirt and up my skirt. And I was wearing–I wasn’t wearing stockings underneath. And then, with his hand, he went from there and entered me–with his hand–and as he was trying to kiss me, and saying things to me.”

“He was trying to kiss me, and I was pulling away. And what I remember of that time is feeling really shocked and surprised because there was no real conversation right beforehand. There was no precursor. It just happened. And then, when he did that, I was obviously pulling away. And he pulled back and said, you know, ‘Come on man, I heard you liked me,’ something to that effect. And that’s what kind of jolted me–I was trying to think what I did wrong to bring that on to me. He looked angry and irritated with me.”

“And I–that’s when I knew it was really–I was in a very difficult position because he was my boss and he was like my dad’s age at the time. And I trusted him. I looked up to him. And I–it was not like I disliked him. I liked him but I just didn’t like him in that way. It was just shocking. It was shattering, actually. And he said to me, when he pulled back, he pointed his finger at me, he said, ‘You’re nothing to me. You’re nothing.’ And he straightened his clothes and he went away.”

The #meToo movement has been silent.

Reade was initially encouraged to report the offense to #MeToo group Time’s Up however, they have informed her that they will not offer her any assistance.

The dust-up over sexual assault allegations has caused one of Biden’s senior advisors Symone Sanders to delete the tweets she posted about sexual assault and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Below are screenshots of what she has now deleted…

If you are having trouble reading them click on the image.

No wonder she deleted the posts by her own words Joe Biden should be forced to withdraw from the primary.

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