During His First 100 Days In Office Biden Is Setting All the WRONG Records

There’s a lot of content we sift through here and at the end of the week we always have a bank of topics we weren’t able to get.

So we’ve decided to put together a segment we are going to call “in case you missed it,” which will include stories we couldn’t get to, posts we found funny, or things we found interesting.

First up, in his first 100 days Biden is setting all the wrong records…

In todays episode of reality collides with left wing ideology, watch as a social justice warrior mooching off her parents freaks out when told she has to get a job and move out. The woman in the video claims that she is only trying to “educate” her parents. She then claims to be schizophrenic, transgender, all while telling her mother she should not be obligated to pay her any money for rent. You’ll hear mom in the background say she’s been “brainwashed.”

Next, vaccine manufactures are giving developing countries the middle finger because they don’t want to give up their coronavirus vaccine patents, they would rather hold countries hostage to roll in the profits.

Here is the high on herself Dr. Ozlem Tureci who works for BioNTech that claims companies giving up their patents “will not increase the number of doses we will have available.” Basically, she’s saying sorry countries that afford the vaccine you gotta pay to play. What happened to all the left wing virtue signaling?

Next up…

One month after being forced to delete a tweet because he falsely put a target out on a police officer, Disney announces a new show produced by Lebron James.

On I-10 someone left Biden a welcome sign for his visit to Lake Charles.

Hard hitting journalism (sarcasm)….

This really ticked off the media lol! DeSantis signed the bill during a live segment on Fox News.

Here’s the next phase being planned now that Facebook has permanently banned President Trump.

Lastly, Rep. Vernon Jones was on fire!

Have a great weekend!