Biden Signs Executive Order After Being Impacted By Movie

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order on artificial intelligence (AI) inspired by his viewing of the summer blockbuster film “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.” In the movie, a malevolent AI known as “the Entity” raises concerns about the potential risks associated with advanced AI technology.

The President watched the movie at Camp David, and it seems that the portrayal of the rogue AI had a profound impact on him. According to Biden’s chief of staff, Bruce Reed, the film’s depiction of AI, particularly the use of voice cloning, left the President alarmed and impressed. The Entity in the film destroys a Russian submarine, gains sentience, and poses a global threat by accessing weapons and government secrets. This prompts the movie’s protagonist, Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, and his team to engage in a high-stakes mission to secure override keys for the Entity’s source code.

Voice cloning, in particular, stood out as a concerning issue for the President. Reed noted that Biden had already been thinking about the implications of AI when he watched the film. He observed how AI could generate fake images and even compose poor poetry. More worryingly, the President witnessed the terrifying capabilities of voice cloning technology, which can replicate entire conversations from just a few seconds of a person’s voice.

In response to these concerns, President Biden signed the executive order on Monday. The order’s primary aim is to ensure the “safety, security, and trustworthiness” of AI technology. It calls on the executive branch to implement the guidance provided within the order over the course of the next year. The goal is to establish standards and regulations governing the development and use of AI in the United States.

While not quite an “impossible mission” or “ghost protocol,” does this executive order reflect the administration’s commitment to addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. Was it really inspired by the film’s portrayal of AI’s potential risks and misuse?

Entertainment Weekly