Biden Taking Hits from Both Sides of Aisle…What He’s Done Is ‘Appalling’

President Joe Biden is taking hits from both sides of the aisle on this one. They are criticizing the president for canceling student loan debts and highlighting how unfair the move is, especially for the middle class.
This is just the next thing for this White House in making it obvious that they are out to hurt the hard-working American family in the middle class. They seem to be catering to the progressive left and now their next generation won’t have to pay for their college educations.
Mayor Keith Pekau a GOP mayor, said that Biden’s student loan forgiveness is “fundamentally unfair” to working-class Americans.
“This is appalling, as someone, and I’ll just speak personally, as someone who was the first in my family to graduate from college that worked full time and then paid my student loans,” Pekau said while doing a Breitbart interview. He talked about working overtime so that he could pay off his children’s and his wife’s student loans.
Pekau said that the government is punishing those who worked to pay off their loans or those who will now see their tax dollars going to a college education.
“And now the government’s gonna come in and say, ‘Oh, don’t bother paying that back.’ When they took out that, they knew what they were doing… and all of the people that took this debt out, they’re adults, and they made those decisions and you’re asking other people to pay for the decisions that that they’ve made,” Pekau said.
But even some Democrats are taking issue with the president for not holding people accountable for the debt they willingly assumed.
Sen. Tim Ryan (D-OH) said the student loan forgiveness plan “sends the wrong message” by only helping those with student loans.
“There’s a lot of people out there making 30, 40 grand a year that didn’t go to college. And they need help as well,” Ryan told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”
He questioned why the White House administration has done relatively nothing to help with the rising cost of consumer goods. That would help every American.