Biden Throws Blue Collar Workers Under The Bus Commits To Fracking Ban

Biden wasn’t in office 24 hours and his administration finally admitted they are going to ban fracking. 

“President Biden promised to end all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands when was a candidate,” a reporter asked. “Does the administration still have that commitment today? To end that lease?”

“We do and the leases will be reviewed by our team we just have only been in office for less than a day now,” Psaki said.

During his time in office President Trump worked hard to make America energy independent and his policy provided great jobs to middle America.

Not even in office twenty four hours Biden is already destroying good paying American jobs. 

During his first day in office Biden signed an executive order wiping out 11,000 jobs when he revoked permits for the Keystone XL pipeline. 

From Fox Business:

According to the Keystone XL website, the project, initially proposed more than a decade ago, would sustain about 11,000 U.S. jobs in 2021 – including 8,000 union jobs – and generate $1.6 billion in gross wages.

It is unclear how the Biden administration plans to address the job losses, but his $2 trillion clean energy infrastructure plan, with its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, aims to “create millions of good-paying jobs that provide workers with the choice to join a union and bargain collectively with their employers,” according to his website.

Throughout the Presidential campaign Biden denied that he was going wage war on fracking despite a video proclaiming he would. It wasn’t until the last presidential debate when President Trump caught Biden and got him to briefly admit he was going to ban fracking. 

Biden hasn’t been in office a full week and he’s already destroying good paying jobs that have helped the country survive the pandemic. 

Biden seems committed to make America dependent on foreign oil and put the American worker last.

National Review | Detroit Free Press