Biden Using Bait And Switch to Cover Up Border Crisis, State AG Calls Out How He’s Hiding Migrants Released Into The USA

The Biden Administration is concealing how many migrants they are releasing into the USA and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R) is calling them out. 

Biden is taking migrants from the south and flying them to ICE facilities all over the country processing them and releasing them into the country. Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has said he’s worried Biden is going to release them into the community. 

CBP said in a statement, “CBP continually evaluates possible contingency plans and adjusts its operations as circumstances dictate, but currently there are no plans to transfer migrants from the Southwest border to the Northern or Coastal borders.”

Knudsen responded, “Well, it’s that word ‘currently’ that worries us, frankly. We got word, and this was a leaked email that came from inside of DHS and CBP. So, we know somebody at the top is talking about this. But it reached us. Obviously, the governor and I…reached out. We sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, and you just read their response. But it’s that word ‘currently’ that really concerns us, and, you know, frankly, I think we could see this here in Montana.”

He added, “[W]here are we going to put these people? We don’t have camps. We don’t have large hotels, empty just sitting around. We’re not able to handle an influx of several hundred or thousand people, just as a matter of logistics. I don’t know where we’re going to put these people and process them and make sure they’re not just released into the interior. Because that’s the real concern here.”

Biden is now moving migrants across the country in an attempt to spread out the volume of people instead of turning them back like he claimed during his press conference. .


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