Incompetence: As Biden Brags About Stopping Drilling The WH Begs Oil Companies For Relief

The White House has confirmed they are trying to get oil companies and gas producers in the United States to lower their prices as the world heads into an energy crisis.

However, a week earlier Biden was bragging during a White House event he suspended oil and gas drilling on federal lands in Alaska.

“Alaska is pretty big. There’s an awful lot we need to protect,” Biden said Friday. “That’s why I’m refusing to sell out the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to oil and gas drilling.”

President Donald Trump allowed oil leases in the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge in 2017 however when taking office Biden suspended them. Joe also ceased new oil and gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands in January.

As a result, the price of US crude oil hit $80 a barrel which is a seven year high. Current production is around two million barrels a day which is dramatically lower than the almost 13 million barrels per day that was produced by the United States in 2019.

Last week, the White House blamed the spike on Hurricane Ida but prices continued to rise. The federal government has announced that heating bills could increase as much as 54 percent this winter.

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer said, “No family should have to choose between heating their home or putting food on the table.”

It’s as if Schumer doesn’t know who’s in charge of government.

Breitbart News