Biden…What Did You Promise Us About Americans in Afghanistan?

Is anybody even questioning why the press is completely silent on the anniversary of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal by the Biden Administration? I guess it’s just more of the same from the mainstream media.

Biden’s decision to evacuate Afghanistan last summer had more wrong in it than right. They used the airport over the military base for extractions, abandoning tens of billions of dollars of military hardware. 

They brought known terrorist watchlist members to America, and they left behind sympathizers and their families.

They turned the whole country over to a terrorist faction and witness the bombing at the airport. 

It’s kind of clear why a sympathetic press would not want to make Biden’s team relive one of their worst leadership feats. 

Last August, President Biden promised that anyone in the country would be getting their extraction. But did they? It took the efforts of a number of private entities to get Americans and assets out of the country for weeks after the extraction deadline. And months later the count of those still behind was higher than thought. 

There are recent reports that the number of people removed from Afghanistan since last August is more than 800 Americans. 

A House investigation by the GOP concluded that this is the number of those Americans evacuated since the Taliban took over the country. 

Here is a portion of their report:

“The U.S. government has evacuated more than 800 American citizens from Afghanistan since the Taliban swept to power and U.S. troops officially left the country last August, according to data provided by House GOP investigators and the State Department. The figure, which hasn’t been previously reported, highlights the ongoing nature of the efforts to make contact with and ultimately evacuate hundreds of Americans who were unable to leave Afghanistan as the U.S. military rapidly withdrew from the country last summer.

The data also underscores that hundreds more Americans were left behind in Afghanistan than was previously known.”

The media is largely unwilling to hold this administration accountable and challenge them for explanations.