Report Shows Just How Clueless Biden Is & It’s Frustrating Dem Govs Trying To Toe The Line

A new report has exposed just how clueless sleepy Joe Biden is and how it is frustrating Democrat governors trying to toe the line. 

Since March of last year we’ve seen the politicization of the coronavirus however, most Americans have had enough of lockdowns, especially when they don’t see a difference between cases in closed blue states versus open red states. 

Democrat governors are facing serious backlash, Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing a recall effort, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is under countless investigations, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has growing concerns she won’t win re-election after locking the state down for months. 

Currently, the State of Michigan is experiencing a dramatic increase of coronavirus cases however, the New York Times lamented that she is not going to lock the state down again. Instead she is trying to divert attention that the Biden Administration is sending more vaccine doses. 

Officials in the state have acknowledged that the strict lock down the state experienced last year despite when cases dropped have caused many to lose their patience. Which could be a possible reason for the spike, now that the state is beginning to open the virus is moving through the community like it did others months ago. 

The report detailed a phone call that Whitmer had with President Biden who seemed confused over the incredible increase of cases. Cases have maintained a balance or dropped in states where mask mandates have ended, meanwhile in Michigan cases are skyrocketing. Whitmer assured the president that she has continued capacity restrictions and is requiring people to wear a mask when in public. The call between the governor and president showed that Biden seemed confused.

From the New York Times: 

A state official with knowledge of the call, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe a private conversation, said the president expressed concern about loosened restrictions in Michigan but seemed to have inaccurate information about what restrictions remained in place. The official said Whitmer explained to Biden that capacity remained limited at restaurants, gyms and social gatherings, and masks were still required.

In other words, sleepy Joe Biden is clueless because his policy of control is failing and the policies of freedom are working. Whitmer is trying to toe the line to keep Biden happy but what she should really do is get on the phone with DeSantis and ask for help.

Recent data from the state is showing that cases are occurring from small social gatherings, meaning that fed up Michiganders are saying “to hell” with Whitmer and meeting with friends and family. 

“I think we’re so at a point where people are just going to ignore restrictions,” said Linda Vail, the health officer in Ingham County, who recounted a recent trip to a gym whose once-diligent patrons were now using treadmills without masks. “And quite honestly, statewide restrictions are going to cause significant pushback.”

Port Huron, Michigan Mayor Pauline Repp said, “I almost think in some respects it had a little bit of a backfire.”

“It’s been a long time,” Repp said. “It’s a long time to be restrictive and you get to the point where you kind of think, ‘Will life ever go back to normal?’”

New York Times