Biden’s A Coward Buckles After Putin Threat, It’s Obama’s ‘Red Line’ All Over Again

President Joe Biden is a coward and has retreated after Putin threatened the Biden administration. 

Vladimir Putin is deploying troops along the Ukrainian border and in response Washington was prepared to sent two US warships into the Black Sea. The Kremlin called the deployment an “unfriendly provocation” and said America should “stay away for their own good.” 

In response Biden buckled like a coward and reversed his decision to deploy the warships. 

A US officials said that Biden wants to avoid needlessly escalating the situation with Russia over the Ukraine. 

“We have no desire to be in an escalating war with Russia,” a senior administration official said Thursday on a briefing call with reporters, saying the White House doesn’t want things “spinning out of control.”

“We do not seek a downward spiral. We can and think we can avoid that,” the official said.

However White House officials claimed they “will not accept its destabilizing behavior that harms the United States, its allies and its partners.”

Instead, the Biden Administration is going to impose sanctions by constricting lending to the Russian government. The US also kicked out 10 Russian diplomats in response to the SoarWinds cyber hack. 

“The Transatlantic community stands united in supporting Ukraine against unilateral Russian provocations along the Line of Contact in eastern Ukraine, in occupied Crimea, and along Ukraine’s borders, as well as agreeing on the need for Russia to immediately cease its military buildup and inflammatory rhetoric,’ the White House said.

The White House response has about the same impact as a Twitter hashtag (nada). 

Soldiers are building up at the border and all the White House says is please stop after and pulls the warships. Putin called Biden’s bluff and now America looks weak, this never would have happened during the Trump Administration. 

We saw the same rhetoric from Obama with ISIS and it took the Trump administration to fix it.