Biden’s America: Antifa Riots Overturns Occupied Vehicle, Destroys Property, & Attacks DNC HQ ‘We Don’t Want Biden We Want…’

Antifa and far-left activists rioted in Portland and Seattle took to the streets to voice their disapproval over the inauguration of Joe Biden.

In Seattle aerial footage showed Antifa burning a banner while protesting in the street.

The activists chanted, “No cope, no prison, total abolition!”

The mob turned violent some were caught smashing windows and trying to break into buildings.

Windows at the US Courthouse were destroyed and a Starbucks was vandalized.

It was more chaotic in Portland where Antifa attack the headquarters of the Democrat party.

New York Times Journalist, Mike Baker captured an image of Antifa marching down the street with a banner that read, “we don’t want Biden, we want revenge!.”

The mob overturned a vehicle with a person trapped inside and the mob prohibits emergency crews from helping the victims stuck inside.

You’ll notice in some of the comments of the social media posts (should you click on them) are  leftists and they’ll say “this isn’t Antifa” these are  “anarchists.” Well the video below should clear things up.