Biden’s Attempt To Mock Conservatives Wonderfully FLOPS & Trump Gives The Perfect Response, ‘Thank You Joe’

It turns out there is one thing Biden does worse than being president, branding.

Build Back Better was a flop.

Putin’s Price Hike was a flop.

Lately, Biden has tried to troll conservatives calling them “Ultra MAGA” and most recently labeled former President Trump the “Great MAGA King.”

While Biden was speaking about inflation in Chicago, Illinois he blamed Trump for the United States current poor economy.

“Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every single year he was President.  The first year of my presidency — the first year, I reduced the deficit — literally reduced the deficit by $350 billion,” Biden said.

The President thought he was making a witty insult similar to him calling the Republican party “Ultra MAGA.” Much to his disappointment former President Trump, Republican members of Congress, Senators, and regular conservatives are having a field day branding themselves 100% “Ultra MAGA.” Similarly, Trump thanked Biden for calling him the “MAGA King.”

Former President Trump wrote on his social network platform Truth Social, “The Great MAGA King is the name Joe Biden is now using to describe me. Thank you, Joe. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Republicans really like the new attack lines from the Democrats…


Raju was referring to Biden calling Florida Senator Rick Scott’s plan to fix America “Ultra-MAGA” thinking it was an insult.

“I call it the ultra-MAGA plan, Make America Great Again plan,” the President said of Scott’s proposal.

Biden touted the same talking points Democrats have used to scare seniors for years.

“The ultra-MAGA Republicans’ proposal puts, here’s what it does, it puts social security, Medicare — this is the Republican plan now, the only one out there — and Medicaid on the chopping block every five years,” he added.

You gotta wonder who poll-tested that talking point before the Democrats ran with it and if they still have a job.

The Hill