Watch: Biden Tries To Do Math & It Doesn’t Go Well

Biden tried to be totally serious but ended up looking like a buffoon.

In an attempt to justify vaccine mandates Biden said not to worry about the mass amount of people being fired. He then touted that United Airlines went from 59% vaccinated to 99%. What he didn’t mention was they didn’t get there until after they fired almost 600 people. Someone should probably explain to Joe that those people fired still aren’t vaccinated.

Biden’s brain continues to leak, it was so bad that the White House cut the live feed because an aid had to help him.

In the video below you’ll see Biden sitting their asking for help when the aid arrives the White House cuts the live feed.

The incident above was very similar to the jumble response he gave below during a CNN town hall. It was so bad the response was, “Mr. President are you ok?”

It was so bad that even CNN wasn’t happy with him.

Then came the disinformation… As vaccinated staffers inside the White House are contracting the coronavirus Biden says it’s impossible.

Below is an example of Biden’s misinformation…

What Biden said is not true, Press Secretary Jen Psaki already admitted that vaccinated staffers inside the White House have contracted COVID-19.

Speaking of the coronavirus, below was one of Biden’s answers, you might want to sit down for this one.

OAN reporter, Jack Posobiec tweeted that White House staffers had to turn off the livestream.

Biden doesn’t even understand the policy of his home state Delaware. The case Biden makes actually shows his policy of raising the corporate income tax is a bad idea.