Biden’s Looking for a Win, But He Didn’t Find It in Saudi Arabia…He Fist Bumped the Crown Prince!

He’s still looking for a win, and it didn’t happen in Saudi Arabia. The trip to the Middle East for President Joe Biden was once again filled with gaffes and embarrassment. It just seems like they are in a zone of trying to look like they are doing great things, but they actually accomplish very little. And then the insult to injury is that they just keep creating messes.
When the president stepped out of Air Force One at Joint Andrews Base, the reporters lunged for him. They wanted to know what his thoughts were about the messy “fist bump” with the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman.
Biden, once again, snapped. He went after the reporters for asking the question of whether or not he regretted the casual greeting for the crown prince.
“Why don’t you guys talk about something that matters? I’m happy to answer a question that matters,” Biden said in a stern fatherly voice…Ok, he yelled it back at the reporters, and his administration was likely humiliated.


On Saturday in Saudi Arabia, he made another misstep by boasting that they were no more American troops engaged in combat in the region.
“For the first time since 9/11, an American president is visiting this region without American troops being engaged in combat- in a combat mission in the region,” Biden said. He keep going even though his whole team was likely hoping that he would just stop and end the bleeding.
“We’ll always honor the bravery and selfishness- selflessness of the- and sacrifices of the Americans who served, including my son, Major Beau Biden, who was stationed in Iraq for a year,” Biden said.

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) didn’t mince words about Biden’s trip, he did not think the president should have even gone. He said, “that type of government should be rewarded with a visit by the president of the United States.”