Biden’s Own Party Has a Sad Message for the President

OK, it’s not a shocker that Democrats may not want President Joe Biden sidling up to them during this year’s campaigning. But what is a bit shocking is how the Washington Post is so brazenly reporting on it and aiming to prove it.
They published an article called “As Biden turns toward midterms, he may not be the top surrogate.” It surveyed dozens of Democrats running for office and took a hard look at the ads, social media posts, and websites.
They found that Joe Biden is growing more and more unpopular in this midterm cycle. There were 60 Democrats in the study and very few said that they would want Biden, or for that matter, anyone from his administration, campaigning with them.
Biden has been the focus of more attack ads by the GOP than Obama was at this point in his first term. More ads are attacking Biden than there were attacking Trump in 2018!
The Post wrote about Biden, “He goes largely unnamed on Democratic campaign websites and Twitter accounts. And candidates in key races in battleground states are either not asking him to come — or actively avoiding him when he does, according to a Washington Post survey of more than 60 candidates in the most competitive gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, and congressional campaigns in the country.
Few candidates said they wanted Biden to campaign for them in their state or district, with many not responding to the question at all. The Post also asked if candidates wanted Vice President Harris as a surrogate campaigner for the Biden administration and got the same set of unenthusiastic responses.”
The article comes on the very week that the president is planning to hit the road to proclaim his wins to the American people.
The post wrote,
“White House officials are preparing to use the coming weeks to showcase some of Biden’s recent accomplishments, which include a sweeping law that lowers prescription drug prices, addresses climate change, and reduces the deficit.
They point to a message that Biden took on special interests to solve problems that Democrats have sought to address for decades, and they have plans for Biden to travel the country to tout his victories, sell a Democratic agenda, and warn about what Republicans would do if voters give them control. They believe that Biden, who they view as the quarterback of the party’s policies and its political future, will be a sought-after commodity.”
But Biden’s party seems to disagree they don’t want to share the stage with him.