Biden’s Rising Approval Rating Only Lasted One Week…Here’s Why

It only took one week for the “good news” of Biden’s rising approval rating to become “bad news” again. The media loved reported about President Biden’s highest poll numbers in almost three months, and they wanted it to be a trend.

But the liberal media’s wishes just didn’t come true. Oh, what a difference even one week can make. 

The same poll that had Biden at 41%, now has the president close to his lowest in his presidency at a 38% approval rating. And a whopping 58% disapprove. 

There’s no doubt that this swing downwards came because of his presidential overreach in “canceling” student loan debt. Well, it could have also come for the remarks Biden made at a DNC fundraiser calling the GOP and their philosophy “semi-fascism.”

Instead of backing off such inflammatory talk, both the White House and the DNC have doubled down on it. 

Reuters published an article written by Jason Lange that highlights how the poll reflects the approval rating of the president. It focused on the current number staying near the low end of his presidency thus far. 

Lange was not so kind to the president, even though the media typically tries to paint a happy face on the administration. He wrote that the poll is “a poor sign for his Democratic Party’s hopes in the Nov. 8 midterm elections.” He also said that “Democrats are expected to lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November and possibly the Senate as well.”

Biden’s overall approval rating has been below 50% for over a year. Americans are still feeling the weight of inflation and an economy that can’t seem to recover from the pandemic. The lowest the approval rating went for Biden was 36 percent. 

The poll was conducted online and completed on Tuesday, with 1,005 adults. What is surprising is that there were more Democrats, 449 of them, to the 357 Republicans.