Biden’s Sweeping Reversal of Trump Policy Will Make Cause A Major Crisis During His First Few Months In Office

Biden is planning on undoing by executive action a lot of President Trump’s policy that has kept America safe. This reversal in policy will cause the pandemic to explode in the USA.

Should Biden be declared the winner of the Presidential election he is going to immediately halt President Trump’s immigration policy. Biden’s team is planning to fully restore DACA and enact a 100-day freeze on deportations, limit ICE arrests, and overturn green card restrictions.

CBS News reports:

Mr. Trump made immigration a major theme of his insurgent and successful 2016 campaign. Despite frequent court challenges, his administration achieved rare success on this front in four years, reshaping the U.S. immigration system through more than 400 high-profile and little-noticed policy changes.

However, all of Mr. Trump’s immigration measures — from the so-called “travel ban” and the efforts to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, to new requirements for green cards and the asylum restrictions for migrants at the U.S. southern border — were enacted without Congress through proclamations, policy memos, regulations or other executive actions.

With his defeat, Mr. Trump’s immigration policy changes are now vulnerable — and Mr. Biden’s team is eager to begin the process of undoing most of them.

“All that stuff was done administratively through the [president’s] executive authority, and so a new executive can basically reject those and start from scratch,” a source familiar with the Biden team’s plans said.

Biden’s policy is going to cause a rush to the border during a global pandemic, bringing more sick people into the country that will infect Americans, case numbers will skyrocket. The policy isn’t going to just affect the USA, migrants will also be causing a COVID-19 crisis in Mexico as they move through the country.

Biden is setting up the country for a major crisis during his first few days in office.

We also have to thank for this the rhino’s in the Republican party like Paul Ryan who worked against the President in Congress to force him to have to use Executive Actions because they refused to pass a comprehensive immigration bill.