Biden’s Team Frantically Looking for a Win…You’ll Never Guess What They’ve Done Now

The Biden Team is frantic…inflation is at a record high, COVID continues to dominate the headlines, the border is in chaos, Putin is having his way in Europe…they need a win!

So what have the brilliant bobbleheads in the White House administration done now? They have allowed a “forever prisoner” from Guantanamo to be released.

You might want to read that again.

A U.S. government review board has cleared one of the longest-held prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. In their July 19 “final determination” they said that there was no longer sufficient cause to keep Khalid Ahmed Qasim imprisoned at the base.

The board suggested that Qasim be released to an unspecified country that has a “strong rehabilitation and reintegration program.”

Qasim was captured by a coalition of Uzbek, Tajik, and Hazara warlords who opposed al Qaeda and the Taliban and became key partners of U.S. forces in the country. They brought him to Guantanamo Bay after the attack on the USS Cole and the assassination of Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massoud by al Qaeda.

He has been held this long because of his “inability to manage his emotions and actions” and his “lack of plans for the future if released.”

During his incarceration, Qasim taught himself English and Spanish. He also have become an artist and his work has already been displayed at an exhibit hosted by the CUNY Law School in New York in 2020.

“Painting has been my relief,” Qasim said in an open letter he addressed to President Joe Biden in January 2022. “I am proud of my art… When they were exhibited in New York, I thought of the paintings looking out onto the elegant streets and the big buildings, and of the people in their nice city looking in, and how they cannot possibly imagine what our lives are like.”

“I don’t know where I will go, or what I will do,” he said then, “but there is another life for me outside this prison.”