Biden’s Team Is Donating Money To Antifa Rioters

Published reports are showing that several members of presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign staff are donating to groups assisting Antifa during the George Flynn protests.

The group called Minnesota Freedom Fund is opposed to arrestees being forced to pay cash bail so they aren’t stuck in jail until trial. The group’s website reads:


We are in awe of the support coming through right now.

We are working with National Lawyers Guild and Legal Rights Center to help bails that are set.

Links: Black Visions Collective Reclaim the Block Northstar Health Collective

Love now, peace later.

So that’s what destroying your city is…Love.

Here’s the group’s position on cash bail and it appears Biden’s staffers donating to the group.

There is nothing “normal” about cash bail – the United States and the Philippines are the only two countries in the world where someone has to put up cash to avoid being imprisoned before their trial.

We stand against cash bail as unjust and identify wealth-based discrimination as a vehicle for the criminal justice system to target populations for structural violence.

People of color and immigrants face higher rates of arrest, harsher sentencing, and disparities in the setting of bail compared to white citizens.

Biden’s campaign has refused to answer any questions about which staffers are donating to the group. Also, his campaign has also announced that Joe Biden no longer believes in cash bail comparing it to “modern day debtors prison.”

President Trump’s re-election campaign is very concerned that Biden’s team is financially supporting chaos and the destruction of property.  Reuters reported:

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign on Saturday said it was “disturbing” that Biden’s team “would financially support the mayhem that is hurting innocent people and destroying what good people spent their lives building,” in an email about the Reuters story that called for Biden to condemn the riots.