Big Tech Now Censoring Cans Of Beans After Goya CEO Praises Trump

There must be a ton of snowflakes working at twitter because they are worried that someone on the left may be triggered by seeing a can of beans.

I only wish I was kidding, Twitter is now censoring photos of Goya beans. You’ll see in the images below that a picture of beans has now been declared “sensitive content.”

This is absurd! It’s beans for goodness sake.

Newsbusters reported:

MRC Latino’s official Twitter account asked on July 11, “Why is Twitter placing warning labels on a picture of a stack of adobo Goya? To whom is SEASONING ‘sensitive content’?” A massive boycott was launched against Goya Foods after its CEO Robert Unanue gave a speech at the White House Rose Garden this past Thursday. Unanue proclaimed that Trump was “a builder,” like his own illustrious grandfather, and called for Americans to pray for their president…

…A Twitter user responded by tweeting an image of stacked Goya adobo canisters July 11. A Day prior, the same user posted a can of Goya’s black beans wearing a MAGA hat. Twitter censored both posts, placing an interstitial, or filter, on them and  suggesting the images contained “potentially sensitive content.”

Goya has stood up for its principles before. In 2017 the New York City Puerto Rican Day Parade planned on honoring convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera as a “National Liberation Hero.” Goya Foods was the biggest sponsor of the event however they withdrew when it was learned that the terrorist was going to be honored. Once Goya announced they were pulling out so did most of the other big sponsors to include Corona beer, the New York Yankees, and Univision.