BLM & Antifa Declare WAR In Philadelphia: Run Over Police And Torch The City

In West Philadelphia Monday a man was shot and killed by police.

Around 3:50 pm officers responded to a domestic call on the 6100 block of Locust Street.

A man identified as Walter Wallace by neighbors was recorded on video refusing to follow the commands of officers to drop the knife. The man continues to move towards officers lunging at them. Officers fired and fatally killed Wallace.


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Multiple witnesses on the scene say that the man did have a knife, did charge police, and refused to put the weapon down.

As a result of the shooting, the city went into chaos.

Here’s a video where police were ambushed and forced to retreat.

Businesses were looted.

The mob got a hold of a Philadelphia police van…

At one point during the chaos, Police admitted that they lost control of the area and it was too dangerous to return.

In this video you’ll see a large black truck accelerate through a police line, a female police Sargent was injured however is expected to survive.

So close to the election BLM and Antifa may hand the President the State of Pennsylvania. Thirty police officers were injured and they all have families that will vote in a few days.

Remember, Pennsylvania has very limited early in-person voting most votes will be cast in person on election day. Below is an example of how significant the outbreak of violence. Notice the title and placement of the report, there’s no mention of the violence that swept through the city.