As Joe’s Agenda Craters, Kamala Skips Out Of DC On A Secret Trip

As Joe Biden continues to screw up everything he touches Kamala has left DC on a secret trip.

All we know is she has left DC and traveled to Palm Springs, California. There are no details about her trip and the vice president is not participating in any public events.

The Desert Sun reported that Kamala visited on Friday and left on Saturday. Not even Democrats knew why Kamala went to California over the weekend.

From the Desert Sun:

Elle Kurpiewski, political director of the Democratic Headquarters of the Desert, said nobody she knows was aware of the vice president’s scheduled visit.

A news release from the White House had originally stated that Harris would “travel to” Palm Springs International Airport from Joint Base Andrews at 2 p.m. EST on Friday and fly out on Saturday morning.

It’s not normal for a Vice President to travel domestically and for there not to be a report to explain the purpose for the trip even if it’s for some R&R. However, this trip didn’t seem to be about any relaxation, Kamala arrived on Friday evening and left Saturday morning.

We know where Kamala hasn’t been, the border.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) hit Vice President Kamala Harris where it hurts highlighting the Administration border crisis. 

The freshman congresswoman – who went viral destroying Beto O’Rouke – was in McAllen, Texas with a congressional delegation. Boebert was then seen walking by the border wall carrying a cardboard cutout of Harris. 

“You can’t just hear about what’s happening. You have to come down here to see for yourself to really understand the devastating reality at our southern border,” Boebert says in the clip. “So I brought Kamala down to see exactly what this regime is responsible for for their manmade crisis.”

Boebert’s video was posted after Harris’ cringe interview with Lester Holt who mildly pressed her over the border crisis. Harris made some peoples skin crawl after she did an almost Hillary like cackle deflecting one of Holt’s questions.

Jorge Ventura, from the Daily Caller is still on the ground documenting the border crisis and how the states are doing what they can despite the incompetence of the Biden Administration.