Bombshell: Text Messages Show Joe & Jill Biden Covered Up Hunter’s ACTIONS With A MINOR

The Biden team is in trouble, new text messages are showing that the Biden family colluded to cover up Hunter’s actions with a minor.

It’s no wonder that Biden lost his temper recently when asked about Hunter’s behavior.


“Questions and controversy continue today about Hunter Biden, your son,” Andy Mehalshick, from WYOU began.

“There is no controversy about my son. That’s a hell of a lie. That’s a flat lie because the president has nothing to run on… it’s classic Trump.”

“There is no controversy. That’s all a lie,” Biden added.

No Joe, it’s a classic October surprise and it’s a good one. 

Joe Biden should buckle his seatbelt because a family friend has turned over text messages to verify Hunter’s inappropriate sexual activity that Rudy Guiliannia had recently found on Hunter’s laptop.

A nameless person had accused Hunter of being sexually inappropriate around her daughter and Hunter was telling a family friend that he is not allowed to be alone with them.

In another text message, Hunter tells his friend that his mother, Jill Biden, agrees that Hunter is inappropriate around children and that Joe knows it too.

Text messages also show a conversation between Hunter, his Uncle, Jim Biden, and Joe Biden.

Uncle Jim tells Hunter that he and his dad (Joe Biden) are upset over the accusations of his behavior around this minor but they don’t believe them. Jim tells Hunter he the three of them to meet to so they can get their stories straight and “shove it down her f**king throat.”

In another exchange with now-convicted felon Devon Archer, Hunter explained how he isn’t allowed a certain person without, Joe Biden being present.

These text messages are showing that the Biden family is truly a screwed up bunch.

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