DeSantis Stays The Course: Florida Sees Dip In Coronavirus Cases…Now What’s CNN Going To Do?

Florida experienced a big dip in coronavirus cases after seeing record-breaking numbers over the weekend.

Over the weekend Florida hit an all-time high seeing 9,585 new cases on Saturday and 8,530 new cases on Sunday. On Monday the state saw a big drop and reported a total of 5,266 new cases, added 110 hospitalizations, and 28 deaths, bringing the state’s death toll to 3,447.

To put things in perspective New York as of March 1st to present has a total of 392,883 confirmed coronavirus cases and a death toll of 31,397. Florida – which has a larger and older population than New York – has a total of 146,341 cases and 3,447 total deaths.

The past couple of weeks the media has been calling for a second lockdown however, Governor Ron DeSantis has remained calm and noted that cases are coming from a younger demographic and most have been asymptomatic.

“We know now after having dealt with the coronavirus for all these months that the mortality and morbidity is very closely linked to age,” he explained during a June 19 press conference, adding, “and those under 40, in particular, who don’t have any significant underlying conditions, are much, much less likely to be hospitalized or to suffer fatality.”

At the time, DeSantis noted the median age of those testing positive had decreased to 37.

“So, particularly in the younger cohort…  you’re finding infections with minimal or zero symptoms. That’s a little bit different than what we did at the beginning of the pandemic,” the governor explained.

“A new case is just a positive test. It doesn’t mean somebody’s sick,” he added. “The number of cases is not necessarily something that’s going to tell you what the burden of the disease is.”

Democrats in Florida’s Senate are asking the governor to go back to more restrictive lockdown measures as cases rise, My News 13 reported:

On Monday, the Florida Senate Democratic caucus is calling for Gov. Ron DeSantis to further address the rising coronavirus cases in the state and it is expected that they want to see the return of restrictive lockdown measures.

It is expected that Democrats will call for a special legislative session to address ICU bed capacity and state revenue concerns.

Florida has suspended on-site consumption of alcohol at bars across the state to try and curb behavior and officials have decided to close popular South Florida beaches over the 4th of July weekend.

As of Monday, the southeast corner of Florida accounts for over 43 percent of the state’s overall cases.

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