Both Harris and Biden Botch Speech to Young African Leaders – Watch

Things have been going haywire for both the president and vice president while they were speaking to young African leaders at the U.S. Africa Summit.

Vice President Harris tried to sound really smart, but she lost a whole lot in the translation. She used the same remarks and even the same hand motions that she has used a number of times in the past. 

If the leaders thought she was spontaneously giving them praise, they were sadly mistaken. The good news is that they probably did not even understand what she was trying to say. It was that bad. 

But that may have paled in comparison to the president on Wednesday. He got up to bat at the podium to speak to these young African leaders as a part of the Summit at the U.S. Africa Business Forum, and it did not go well for him at all. 

It is hard to know how something of this magnitude could happen to the most powerful leader in the free world. Doesn’t someone review his speeches before he gives them? He was not even able to sound coherent and he apparently could not read the teleprompter even though the words were huge. It looked like he had no idea what he was saying and he just kept making it look like a bigger and bigger mess. 

Let’s set some context, Biden was speaking in The Prosper Africa Deal Room, it is a virtual room that is a U.S. government initiative. It was started by former President Donald Trump, but if you listen to Biden, he seems to take credit for it. 

Here’s how the president began, “…particularly in Prosper Africa Deal Room. That sounds like something we shouldn’t be saying, you know, Prosper Africa Deal Room. I kept asking, ‘Where’s the Deal Room?’ I think I’m looking at it.”

Then he seems to fight with the teleprompter, “This’ll include partnerships between Africa, American com—African American companies to provide cybersecurity services…”

You’ll have to see it for yourselves, truly embarrassing for both top leaders.