Bloomberg Report Claims Virtual DNC Meeting

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s dive into the latest political intrigue surrounding President Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The DNC is reportedly considering formally nominating President Biden as early as mid-July.

This move aims to ensure Biden appears on November ballots, particularly in Ohio, and to quash any intra-party chatter about replacing him following his poor debate performance last week.

According to sources, the potential date for Biden’s nomination is July 21, coinciding with the Democratic convention’s credentials committee meeting. This virtual meeting will finalize procedures before the party’s convention in Chicago, starting on August 19.

Bloomberg highlighted that an earlier nomination could serve another purpose: calming talk of a potential replacement or an open convention after Biden’s catastrophic debate against Donald Trump.

“The Democratic National Committee is considering formally nominating Joe Biden as early as mid-July to ensure that the president is on November ballots, while helping to stamp out intra-party chatter of replacing him after last week’s poor debate performance.

A potential date for Biden’s nomination is July 21, when the Democratic convention’s credentials committee meets virtually, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity. The panel is meeting to finalize procedures before the party’s convention in Chicago starts on Aug. 19.”

By nominating Biden early, the DNC hopes to prevent pro-Hamas protesters from disrupting an in-person roll call and to keep the president under wraps, much like his 2020 campaign. Last week’s debate underscored why unscripted moments are perilous for Biden, showing why his aides and the DNC prefer to maintain a protective bubble around him.

However, formal nomination doesn’t mean the concerns about Biden’s capabilities will vanish. Despite the DNC’s efforts to control the 2024 nominating process, questions about Biden’s fitness have persisted through the primaries and even after he secured presumptive nominee status. Official nomination, especially amid growing concerns about Biden’s abilities from Democrats and mainstream media, won’t necessarily silence the doubts.

If the DNC proceeds with this plan, Biden will become the party’s official nominee just over a week after former President Donald Trump is sentenced in his felony “hush money” case and three days after Trump is set to accept the GOP’s nomination.