Brooklyn Park Turns Into A War Zone: INSANE VIDEO Shows Armored Personal Carries Used To Repel Violent Antifa Attacks, Biden Still Silent

Video from coming out of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota shows the suberb is turning into a war zone.

At first a group started to gather at the Brooklyn Park Police station and tried to break down the fencing.

The group of BLM and Antifa protesters then set up human shields to try and break down that fence while throwing projectiles.

Law enforcement immediately responded with crowd control munitions in an attempt to pacify the crowd.

Just like we saw Antifa do last summer, a shield formation was used to try and break down the barrier and deflect less than lethal munitions used by police.

A fire was lit and appeared to be blocking a road way.

Then a massive caravan that included armored personal carriers moved through Brooklyn Center to back up police protecting the police station.

National Guard and Police then repealed the attacks from the far left activists.

Joe Biden said during the campaign that Antifa was an idea and that he could calm the protestors, so far, he has been silent.