Bryan Cranston Doubles Down on MAGA Being Racist

Actor Bryan Cranston did not back down from his controversial statement that the “Make America Great Again” slogan has racist implications.

Cranston, the actor who shot to fame from the “Breaking Bad” TV series, spoke on CNN with host Chris Wallace. The host asked him about his recent conversation with Bill Maher in which Cranston implied that the MAGA slogan was racist. 

Cranston described the context of the conversation with Bill Maher as focusing on critical race theory. Cranston said, “I think it’s imperative that it’s taught, that we look at our history much the same I think that Germany has looked at their history involvement in the wars, one and two, and embrace it and say this is where we went wrong. This is how it went wrong.”

He doubled down by saying that when someone sees MAGA, are they willing to accept that it could possibly be construed as a racist remark?

“And most people, a lot of people go, how could that be racist? Make America Great Again? I said so just ask yourself from an African-American experience, when was it ever great in America for the African-American? When was it great? So if you’re making it great again, it’s not including them,” Cranston declared. 

Bill Maher countered Cranston’s implied statement that Americans are innately racist. He said that he did not believe that the people who are running things have a mindset about being racist to people of color. 

Cranston insisted that they might not understand it, but they are innately that way. He said they don’t recognize the privilege and the advantage that they have. He pointed to the fact that older white men are the predominant factor in 


“It’s 400 f***ing years that we’ve dealt with this, and our country still has not taken responsibility or accountability,” Cranston declared.

“For what?” Wallace asked.

“For the history of the systemic racism that’s in this country,” Cranston insisted.

“What should we do more?” Wallace pressed.

“Well, I mean, for one thing, critical race theory, I think is essential to be teaching. … I mean, teaching how the race trade and racism is systemic in everything we’ve done in government, in social activities. It’s embedded in it,” Cranston told him.