Kamala Gets Caddy & Snubs Joe Biden Again

Since the administration took office we’ve documented the back and forth between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

But, Kamala’s latest snub shows that things are about to come to a head between the two.

In preparation for Joe’s plan to forgive student loan debt, Biden began cutting videos and promos in hopes of driving up his numbers. Biden requested that Kamala do it with him but she said “no.”

She didn’t decline the offer because she was worried about the country or inflation she declined because it’s not progressive enough.


From Politico:

Early in April, Vice President KAMALA HARRIS’ office began collaborating with the White House on a social media video to promote the administration’s extension of its pause on federal student loan payments.

Harris’ office then decided against it, according to two White House officials familiar with the matter.

Ultimately, President JOE BIDEN released his own video and Harris issued a statement about the policy. It was a shift from December — the last time the administration extended the pause — when Harris and Biden both filmed social media videos about the extension that came down then and worked with advocates of student debt cancellation.

Privately, Harris has advocated for additional loan forgiveness. One White House source said her office seemed initially eager to participate in the administration’s public dialogue around student loans. But conscious of progressives pushing Biden to unilaterally cancel tens of thousands of dollars in student debt and that Biden is resisting such lobbying, the vice president has been increasingly wary of becoming part of the public face of the administration’s response.

There is a split going on in the Democrat party and it goes all the way to the top. Harris is siding with progressives like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team is worried about losing blue-collar voters who don’t have student loan debt and the optics it would create during an election year.

But there is something further to note, the behavior of Democrats. Kamala is polarized by her position that she is refusing to appear with someone who disagrees with her.

These two are destined for each other and are destined to fail. What’s unfortunate is we are all going to have to bear the brunt of their failure.