Cali State Senator Warns Parents to ‘Flee’ the State! – Watch

A California state senator is warning parents to “flee” the state after a bill that would accuse parents of child abuse if they refuse to “affirm” their children’s so-called gender identity.

Senator Scott Wilk (R-Antelope Valley) raised the warning during a hearing late Tuesday night when the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 8-1 to advance Assembly Bill 957, which rewrites much of the state’s family law and classifies “a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.”

“In the past, when we’ve had these discussions, and I’ve seen parental rights atrophy, I’ve encouraged people to keep fighting,” Wilk said. “I’ve changed my mind on that — if you love your children, you need to flee California. You need to flee.”

The bill changes Section 3011 of the Family Code, which deals with child custody disputes, and requires that a court determining the “best interests” of the child must consider the affirmation of a so-called transgender identity. If a parent denied the child’s “gender identity,” it would be a violation of the child’s health, safety, and welfare — equivalent to child abuse.

Wilk was born and raised in California and served in the state legislature for 11 years, but he said he plans to move after he finishes his term.

“I love this state,” Wilk said. “I’m not going to stay in this state because it’s just too oppressive. I believe in freedom, and so I’m going to move to America when I leave the legislature.”

Erin Friday is the branch leader of the pro-parents group Our Duty, he argues that AB 957, which would be the first bill in the U.S. to codify “gender-affirming” denial as child abusive, lacks nuance in its language.

“It matters not the age of the child, the absurdity of the identity adopted, co-morbid mental health issues, or persistence,” Friday said. “Family court judges will be compelled to favor the parent who affirm the child’s delusion.”