California GOP Turns The Tables On Democrats By Giving Them A Taste Of Their Own Medicine & They Are Furious

California Democrats are not happy after getting a taste of their own medicine.

The Republican Party in California is using the same method to collect ballots as Democrats did in 2018. It seems that Democrats only oppose “ballot harvesting” when “someone else is doing it,” said California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson.

The California GOP held a press conference to respond to the “cease and desist” order issued by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Secretary of State Alex Padilla demanding the party “to stop operating unofficial ballot drop boxes.”

Republicans said they are using the laws that the Democrats passed to help them win elections.

In 2018 a new modification requires that ballots be counted no matter if the harvester has identified themselves on the envelope. Democrats used the same method in 2018 and flipped several congressional seats in the state.

In response, the Republicans have decided to do the same thing and collect ballots in their own boxes.

Patterson claimed that Padilla, a Democrat is only cracking down because he is “deflecting from this mounting criticism from giving a non-budgeted $35 million get-out-the-vote contract to a ‘Team Biden’ firm.” A move that even the state’s controller has denounced.

Patterson also reported that Democrats are doing the same thing, collecting ballots at “neighborhood hubs.”

Breitbart News spoke with the California Republican Party general counsel who said that the CRP is following the law:

CRP general counsel Tom Hiltachk said that the CRP was allowing voters to drop off ballots at boxes in its own offices, staffed by paid employees and volunteers, where the ballots were “placed in a secure box.” Other “civic-minded” organizations were also participating, including churches and retail stores.

He said that the CRP program was not “mimicking vote-by-mail drop boxes of election officials” in public places. He added that ballots collected by Republicans would be handed in within 72 hours of receipt.

Democrats have no problem with ballot harvesting until Republicans start doing it too.

Breitbart News