California Governor Newsom Fighting Inflation with More Stimulus Money? Really?

California Governor Newsom is once again showing his socialist side. Not long after declaring that illegal immigrants in his state will receive full health care, he has now announced there will be stimulus checks to help his residents pay for consumer goods.
State leaders have agreed to a bill that will give free money to defray the rise in costs of essential goods like food and gas. So here we go again, more government spending in the “hope” that it will offset the bulging inflation that is felt across the nation for the last year.
Newsom signed the $17 billion stimulus bill late last week.
“We have an agreement with the legislature on California’s budget! This budget takes immediate actions to give $ back to millions who are grappling with global inflation and rising costs while tackling some of the greatest challenges of our time,” the Office of the Governor of California proudly announced last week in a tweet.
Just like the federal government did in response to the government shutdowns during the pandemic, the checks sent by the California government will be means-tested.
That means that a couple who earns $125,000 combined and has two children will qualify for $350 per adult with the addition of another $350 for their children. The family of four would receive a total of $1,050.
If you earn as a couple at least $500,000, or as a single you earn at least $250,000, you will not qualify for a relief check.
According to Fox 5 San Diego, there are more than 20 million California residents who will receive a stimulus check.
What nobody seems to be talking about is how stimulus checks like the ones California is ready to dole out are the same government policies that caused inflation to go sky-high in the beginning.
This move by Newsom has some Republicans longing for the days of Governor Schwarzenegger…who knows, maybe “He’ll be back!”