California Proposal Targets Property Rights, Dems Initiate ‘The Great Reset’ Post COVID

Here comes the slippery slope of government infecting personal property rights under the claim of racial justice.

The Great Reset claims that “capitalism is dead” and that  “you will own nothing and be happy.” 

The global elite are moving in after the pandemic to take over and a California housing proposal under the guise of reparations for minorities indicates Democrats are beginning to initiate “The Great Reset’s” policies. 

State lawmakers are using the guise of reparations for the government to take over personal property rights. Lawmakers plan to pass a budget that would allow the state to pay for and own up to 45% of a home cutting the price in half for a minority buyer. 

From California Matters: 

State lawmakers have zeroed in on homeownership as one of the main ways to close the wealth gap between Black and white Californians. On Tuesday, the Assembly and Senate unveiled a joint spending plan — which they’ll use to negotiate with Newsom ahead of the June 15 deadline to pass a budget — that proposes developing a program in which the state would pay for, and own, up to 45% of a home. That would cut the purchase price nearly in half, allowing more families to buy homes and build wealth, lawmakers say. Both Newsom and legislators also proposed setting aside $200 million to facilitate homeownership for first-time buyers and low-income Californians.

(Put aside for the fact that the plan is ludicrous for a moment, let’s be clear the wealth gap in California is a result of poor Democrat policy.) 

This is being held as monumental action but why does the state get to have a share in the property? The plan still puts the minority owner at a disadvantage, let’s use the lefts own logic against them. Minority owners who participate in the program would be subject to the regulations set by the state who has 45% ownership of the property, meanwhile “white” owners would be free to do as they wish; the proposal does nothing but put whip cream on a pile of crap.

The proposal opens the door to give big government the ability and power to control personal property rights. If Democrats were honest about facilitating homeownership for minorities they could just pay the 45% of the home price as a tax free voucher and walk away (which would be nuts the State can’t even “fix” their homelessness problem). This is really about control because next government would say to be fair we need stake in all property transactions because minority home owners don’t have the same abilities as others.

California’s proposal doesn’t give people opportunity it begins the slippery slope for us to “own nothing and be happy” under the guise of “feel good” reparations.

No thanks.

California Matters