California Reparations Task Force Suggesting Black Residents Skip Child Support – Watch

The California Reparations Task Force is considering a proposal that would allow Black residents to skip out on child support payments. The proposal, which is still in the early stages, would be part of a larger package of reparations that the task force is considering.

According to the task force’s final report, “discriminatory laws” are responsible for the large number of black children born to unwed mothers — resulting in a higher percentage of black fathers who owe child support.

The report determined that the state’s 10% interest applied to back child support debt makes it more difficult for black fathers to further their educations while trying to keep ahead of payments. Therefore, the task force has called for the interest on such child support payments to be waived and for back child support debt to be erased if the debtor is black.

“The Task Force recommends that the Legislature enact legislation to terminate all interest accrued on back child support, requiring only the payment of the principal owed. At a minimum, the proposal recommends that the Legislature eliminate the prospective accrual of interest on child support debt for low-income parents,” the report read.

The proposal has been met with widespread criticism, with many people arguing that it is unfair to children who are owed child support. They argue that the proposal would reward deadbeat parents and would set a bad precedent.

The task force’s chairman, Kamilah Moore, has defended the proposal, arguing that it is necessary to address the “legacy of slavery and discrimination” that has led to Black families being disproportionately poor. She also argued that the proposal would help to “break the cycle of poverty” for Black families.

However, the proposal has been met with strong opposition from child support advocates. They argue that the proposal would undermine the importance of child support and would make it more difficult for children to get the financial support they need.

The proposal is still in the early stages, and it is not clear whether it will be adopted by the task force. However, the proposal has sparked a debate about the role of reparations and the importance of child support.