Canary In The Coal Mine: Grocer Announcement Signals A Severe Food Crisis Is On The Horizon In The USA

The announcement is a canary in the coal mine…

Aldi is a German discount grocery store chain with numerous locations inside the United States. Due to inflation, the grocery store giant announced they have been forced to raise prices by 30% this week.

The chain also believes that food prices are going to rise 20%-50% in the next few weeks.

There appears to be another crisis on the way but Joe Biden seems to be doing nothing about nor getting the country ready. Warnings like the announcement from Aldi’s is just one example.

Chaos is starting to engulf third-world countries like Sri Lankan.

The country has run out of food, fuel, medicine, and electricity.

From the Associated Press:

Sri Lankans have endured long lines to buy fuel, foods and medicines, most of which comes from abroad and is paid for in hard currency. The first to disappear from shops was milk powder and cooking gas, followed by a fuel shortage disrupting transport and causing rolling power cuts lasting several hours a day at the end of February.

The extent of the crisis became clear when Sri Lanka couldn’t pay for imports of basic supplies because of its huge debts and dwindling foreign reserves. The country’s usable foreign reserves are said to be less that $400 million, according to experts, and it has nearly $7 billion in foreign debt obligations for this year alone.

Now mass protests are taking place all over the country condemning politicians for their mismanagement of the country.

As food suppliers announce costs are about to go through the roof and third world countries run out of supplies Joe Biden seems to be doing nothing to safeguard America from shortages.