Cash SEIZED At Border! China Using Biden’s Border Policy To Crash US Economy

China is trying to take advantage of President Biden’s awful border policy to crash the US economy.

Customs and Border Protection in Chicago made a huge discovery after searching several shipping containers from China. 

Agents found a shipment from China was trying to smuggle in $685,000 in USA counterfeit dollars. 

The shipments arrived at Chicago’s International Mail Facility in May 2020, the shipments were headed to Illinois, Indiana, New York, and Kentucky. The fake bills came in $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills. 

One of the shipments was headed to the Bronx, New York contained 976 $100 bills. The shipment headed to Louisville, Kentucky had 101 $20 bills and 103 $50 bills. 

“All of the shipments were coming from China and was heading to various cities throughout the U.S., to include cities in Illinois and Indiana. All of the shipments were manifested as bar prop. Even though these counterfeits were going to be used as prop money, it is a violation of federal law to reproduce currency. Violators can be arrested,” wrote the CBP in a statement. 

“Our CBP officers are always on the alert watching for any type of prohibited shipments that come through the IMF, “said Shane Campbell, Area Port Director-Chicago. “By stopping these shipments we are protecting our financial institutions, businesses and the public,” the CBP added. 

Since Biden has taken office China appears to be sending a lot of funny money into the country. 

On April 23, 2021, CBP intercepted 281 parcels of counterfeit USA currency most were coins. 

The CBP even noted “the past three months” have been “plentiful during the past 3 months at the International Mail Facility at O’Hare. CBP officers seized 109 packages containing different denominations of paper currency, collectible coins & foreign currency; $1.64M seized.”

This isn’t just happening in Chicago, CPB officials in Milwaukee, Oklahoma, and Ohio also intercepted massive amounts of fake USA cash all coming from China.