Congressman Comments On Johnson

Congressmen Khanna has reached a decision and further announced that he will oppose the motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) from his role within the government.

According to a statement released by Khanna, he said he would vote to table any motion to vacate House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) because he advanced a foreign aid package with separate bills to support Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Khanna, during the announcement, stated that he would protect Speaker Johnson’s job if Marjorie Taylor Greene and the others go through with their threat to remove him. Khanna added that further support would be given through the end of Speaker Johnson’s term.

Khanna, who is known to be a progressive Democrat, further mentioned that he disagrees with Speaker Johnson on certain issues but decided to keep his job until the end of his term because of his actions and decisions.

Karl said that Khanna has made significant steps in ensuring that Speaker Johnson retains his current position. Karl mentioned that this will be a huge win for the Speaker and democracy, as Khanna has (been one of the leading Democrats put forward in this cause).

Khanna further added that he came into Congress with Speaker Johnson’s courtesy of the Civil pledge, which he has openly supported despite opposing him on a multitude of issues. Khanna added that Speaker Johnson has done the right thing and that American democracy remains proper amidst the chaos depicted.

Khanna mentioned that Churchill said that America always exhausted every wrong option before doing the right thing, and this depicts how strong American democracy actually is. Khanna went on to state that in his personal opinion, Speaker Jeffries will be there past 2025, and he only expects to have him by his side when it comes to collective decisions.