Hollywood Actress Is Nuts Look What Cameron Diaz Wants To ‘Normalize’

Recently, Hollywood superstar Cameron Diaz got very candid about her marriage and said that there is something that she would like “normalized.”

So, Cameron Diaz said on Molly Sims’ podcast, “Lipstick on the Rim.” She talked about the intimacy of marriage and the importance of having some personal space from your partner. I mean, how many of you can relate to needing a little ‘me time’ now and then?

Diaz wants to normalize separate bedrooms for married couples. She even joked about having separate houses with a family house in the middle. Imagine having your room, your partner having theirs, and then a joint bedroom for, you know, couple things. More Hollywoke weirdness.

Selfish much? 

Diaz clarified that these were her thoughts when she first got married. She even teased about it, saying her husband, Benji Madden, is so wonderful that she doesn’t feel that way now. But in the beginning she didn’t want to sleep in the same room with him.

Diaz, who’s been famously private about her personal life, shared in interviews with Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle how marriage was a surprise for her. She didn’t think she’d do it until she met Benji. She says getting married to him was the best thing ever, calling marriage hard work but incredibly rewarding.

And about Benji Madden, Diaz is all praise. She describes him as the greatest human being and her great partner, emphasizing the 50-50 partnership in marriage. No wonder their relationship seems so grounded!

Despite Diaz wanting to normalize separate bedrooms, early in their marriage, the two have uncharacteristically stayed together.

Diaz admitted she wasn’t sure about marriage before meeting Benji. They tied the knot when she was 42, and she speaks about him being a good man without any pretense. It’s refreshing to hear such honesty about marriage and relationships.


About a decade ago, Diaz stepped away from acting to focus on her family. However, she is making a comeback with the film “Back in Action” alongside Jamie Foxx.