CDC Using Variant To ‘Rethink’ Restrictions & Deploy Response Teams

The Biden run CDC is deploying response teams across the country to deal with the COVID-19 Delta variant. The CDC is also using the variant to rethink current guidelines and may mandate mask use again; even for vaccinated people. 

According to the White House the response teams will provide therapeutics, help with testing, and provide support staff to help with vaccinations. 

A report from the Democrat talking point website CNN said that the CDC is considering revising restrictions – even for those vaccinated – and that blue state governors are more than eager to reimpose restrictions. 

The fact that cases are still at an all time low it’s not stopping Democrats from ramping up the fear so they can reimpose restrictions for the fall. 

From CNN:

The more transmissible Delta variant has spread to almost every state in the US, fueling health experts’ concerns about Covid-19 spikes.

The variant is expected to become the dominant coronavirus strain in the US, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. And with half the US still not fully vaccinated, doctors say it could cause a resurgence of Covid-19 in the fall. 

As a “precaution” LA county has reinstated their indoor mask order until they can “better understand” the variant.

Oh and beware if the Delta variant doesn’t freak you out enough there’s the “Gamma variant” that the left is hoping will scare you into obedience:

Now the Gamma variant has been shown to be more resistant to vaccines and antibody treatments. Last week, the WHO said even those who are fully vaccinated should wear masks in places with high rates of Covid-19 spread.

Blue state governors have signaled that they are more than ready to reimpose restrictions should the CDC recommend them. 

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said masks will not be required “unless the district decides to make it protocol.”

All of this is pointing to a fall lockdown.

Why the panic? Biden missed his vaccination goal and they want kids vaccinated, teachers unions have already signaled they are going to hold kids hostage. 


It’s true most of the new cases are the Delta variant however (as of the writing of this post) cases are not rising. Check out the panic piece in the CNN segment below on the same day the 14 day average fell 11% in the USA to the lowest levels since the pandemic began.

Most of us are old enough to remember when Fauci told us the coronavirus wasn’t seasonal. The fear is just a ploy to scare people into vaccinations and hopefully keep the restrictions going for as long as they can.