California Demolishes Dam

The state of California has been in the midst of a perpetual drought, which has led to strict restrictions on various practical water solutions. The rationale behind these restrictions is that they are meant to protect various living creatures, but in reality, they end up hurting people, especially farmers.

In the latest addition to this saga, a dam was demolished in the name of protecting salmon populations, a decision that was celebrated by environmentalists and readily approved by the media.

Governor Gavin Newsom has even announced his six priorities for California’s Salmon Strategy for a Hotter, Drier Future, which includes removing barriers and modernizing infrastructure for salmon migration, restoring habitat, protecting water flows, modernizing hatcheries, transforming technology, and strengthening partnerships.

However, all of these efforts seem to have backfired as the recent removal of a historic dam on the Klamath River has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of young salmon.

This is a tragic outcome, not just for the fish, but also for the people involved in the $500 million dam removal project. Ultimately, it seems that the supposed aim of reviving salmon populations was just a pretext for the real goal, which is to continue the trend of destroying America.

We have seen this pattern before, where projects such as the border wall lawsuits were presented as being for the welfare of a bug when in reality, they were about causing chaos and division within the country.

It’s hard to believe that anyone truly cared about the salmon population. If they did, they would have taken more precautions with this project and monitored the situation to prevent such a devastating result.

The rampant destruction of dams, a crucial source of water and power for many communities, is just another example of how politicians and activists are more focused on their own agendas than the well-being of people and the environment.

It’s a dangerous precedent that is being set, where any justification, even the protection of a species, is used to push forward destructive projects.

It’s not really about the fish, or the bugs, or anything else that is being used as a pretext. It’s about power and control, and it’s time for the people to ask themselves who is truly benefiting from these decisions.

It’s clear that it’s not the environment, and it’s certainly not the people.

Front Page Magazine