Chicago Activists Can’t See Their Own Issues, Blame Walmart – Watch

Chicago activists just refuse to see the ramifications of their own woke politicians’ leniency when it comes to crime. They are lashing out at Walmart because it announced that a string of stores would be closing in the violent city. Four stores are closing due to a lack of sales. 

The activists are angry because so many people rely on the stores for prescriptions and groceries. But Walmart announced that they will be closing the West Chatham, Kenwood, Little Village, and Lakeview stores. 

Walmart fought for years to open in Chicago and the leadership promised that they would be good neighbors. But now the neighbors are rising with local activists behind them calling out Walmart for alleged racism. They are threatening to boycott other Walmart stores. 

If the company refuses to cooperate, leaving communities with “large, empty buildings and a desert of resources,” leaders said that they would host other demonstrations outside of the Evergreen Park location.

Walmart has demonstrated “corporate racism and corporate greed,” Alderman-elect William Hall (6th) said. If Walmart doesn’t agree to invest in the community, “we will disinvest across the nation,” Hall said.

The truth is that it was the local political leadership that helped to create the bad situation in these areas. Not even Walmart can be profitable in such violent settings. These activists should focus on the real problems in their city, the rampant crime and corruption that creates a culture where businesses can’t survive. 

All over the country, Walmarts exist in predominantly minority areas and they do fine. Chicago seems to be the exception, not the rule. 

The leaders in the Windy City should stop trying to bully Walmart and take a look inward. They need to promote more policing instead of playing in the hand of the far left. 

The residents in these areas need to vote in ways that end the violence and create safe places for businesses.