Clothing Designer Saves Business Puts A Twist On The Bikini To Deal With Draconian Social Distancing Rules

Tiziana Scramuzzo, is the designer behind the small Italian brand Elexia Beachwear. When the coronavirus pandemic hit her country it devastated her summer swimsuit line and production had to be stopped. Unsure of what to do, with the materials she had, Scaramuzzo began making masks. While joking with her family she thought it would funny to design a swimsuit with a matching mask and then she invented the “trikini” suitable for post lockdown beach visits.

“We thought about how it could have been to go to the beach this year with a mask and then I thought of making one in lycra, combined with the swimsuit. It was more of a game, but in the end it really worked out. “

The three-part swimwear comes with a matching top, bottom, and mask. Scaramuzzo decided to post some photos of her swimsuit creations on social media to gauge reaction and people seemed to like it.

Scaramuzzo said people loved the idea and she began to receive dozens of purchase requests from all over Europe.

“We are realizing that people want normalcy,” explains Mrs. Scaramuzzo. “There is a great desire to be reborn and beauty, and they demonstrate it by asking us for brightly colored masks, combined with glasses or clothing, This gives us hope because it means that people try to ward off depression and this is positive.”

Scaramuzzo said that she never would have imagined production would have been shut down for so long. But, she’s turned lemons into lemonade and has created a new product. Scaramuzzo is a great example of what small business owners are doing around the world creating products so people can get back to normal as much as possible.

Hopefully, the coronavirus won’t be around forever and there’s evidence to show that is the case. However, as we get through the summer of 2020 with stupid rules from tyrannical blue state governors things like Scaramuzzo’s trikini makes things tolerable.

Centropagina | Fox News