CNN Disinformation Ruse About Wisconsin Parade Massacre Blows Up In Their Face

Almost immediately the mainstream media downplayed and has tried to deep six massacre that occurred during a Christmas parade in Wisconsin. Multiple media outlets claimed that the suspect did not intentionally plow into the crowd but was fleeing the scene of another crime.

None of that was true, police reported that allegedly Darrel Brooks, 39, from Wisconsin did intentionally plow into a crowd of people attending the Christmas parade. The disinformation scheme attempted by CNN and the media has blown up in their face.

So far five people have died and more than 40 people were injured after an SUV drove into the crowd attending a Christmas parade.

New details documenting Brooks history and why he was free on the street highlight why the media is quickly trying to deep six the story.

Brooks, who is black, was a registered sex offender in Nevada and has a long rap sheet. He has a long violent criminal history across multiple states and was on the street after posting small bail over multiple open felony charges one of which including him attempt to run over a woman.


Brooks is also a registered sex offender in Nevada and was convicted over having sex with a minor.

Another detail the media doesn’t want you to know is that a Soros funded DA who “reformed” the cash bail was responsible for Brooks being out on the street.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisolm is now conducting damage control after the independent media uncovered Chisolm is responsible for the lax bail system.

On November 5, 2021 the Milwaukee County DA’s office filed Second Degree Recklessly endangering Safety, Felony Bail Jumping, Battery, Obstructing an Officer and Disorderly Conduct against Brooks. The defendant posted $1,000 cash bail and was released from custody.

Now, Chisolm claims the bail “recommendation in this case was inappropriately low” and he will be conducting an investigation.

A person charged with bail jumping was allowed to post just $1,000 bail?  

It’s no wonder the mainstream media is trying to squash the story it ruins their defund the police and BLM narrative.