CNN’s Oliver Darcy Talks Tough On TV But Watch What Happens When He’s Asked On Camera Over Allegations Of Propaganda

Reliable Source’s host, Brian Stelter’s little brother is Oliver Darcy, who once boasted being a conservative until selling out for CNN.

Darcy talks real tough on social media and during segments on CNN but when he was confronted on camera about allegations of creating propaganda he sealed up like a clam.

Stelter’s little buddy, Darcy, was contacted by James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas and asked him about their undercover video exposing how CNN created propaganda to get Trump out of office and exploit COVID fears.

O’Keefe simply asked Darcy if he wanted to comment on the undercover video showing a CNN Technical Director admit the news network is creating propaganda.

Like all bullies, he’s a coward.

The undercover video exposing CNN has been so effective that the news media has decided to ignore it rather than smear Project Veritas.

A technical director at CNN named Charlie Chester bragged to a woman posing as nurse created propaganda to get Trump out of office and stoke COVID fears. Chester also admitted that they are creating stories about Rep. Matt Gaetz because he is a “problem” for the Democrats.

Below are some of the highlights: